Wild Blueberry - Finnish Superfood

Wild Blueberry - Finnish Superfood

What are the health benefits of wild blueberries? Are wild blueberries better for you than cultivated blueberries? How to use dried blueberries and blueberry powder?

Full of taste, juicy and slightly tart, the aromas of wild blueberry are very intense. This wild red fruit is simply fabulous when eaten as is, plain, and suitable to accompany a healthy breakfast or for pastries such as muffins and blueberry pies, jams or jellies.

They have been harvested at peak ripeness and brought to the processing facility before they have had a chance to spoil. Paradoxically, despite its low sugar content (even diabetics can consume it regularly), the slightly tart taste of wild Finnish blueberries leaves a deliciously sweet note in the mouth.

The delicious little wild Finnish blueberry is an excellent antioxidant: rich in vitamins C and E, fiber (it is a real appetite suppressant), minerals and flavonoids.

A tablespoon of organic dried blueberries or organic blueberry powder a day helps you to:

  • Fight premature aging
  • Restore memory
  • Keep your arteries healthy

and most importantly:

  • Improve your visual acuity.

Throughout the 21st century, wild blueberries ("bilberries") have been the subject of studies, confirming their validity of improving vision in the darkness but also in the prevention of cancer and degenerative diseases.

Already called the "superfood of the 21st century", the wild blueberry contains anthocyanin compounds in quadruple amounts compared to the cultivated blueberry, which explains its multiple benefits, as well as its flavor and its color: the organic wild Finnish blueberry is even blue purplish from the inside!

Original text by Action Finland. Adapted freely. Title picture by Roine Piirainen.

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