Harctic Superfoods vegetable glycerine

Unveiling the Science and Health Benefits of Vegetable Glycerine

There's a base extract used in Harctic Elixirs that can revolutionise your well-being: organic vegetable glycerine. Derived from high-quality rapeseed sources, this remarkable ingredient can enhance your health and beauty routine while maintaining a responsible approach to sourcing.

Harctic Superfoods vegetable glycerine

Hydration, Skin Health and More!

Did you know that Harctic's Elixirs harness the power of organic vegetable glycerine to provide unparalleled hydration and nourishment for your skin? Derived from organic rapeseed, this incredible ingredient attracts and retains moisture, making it great for face masks! It'll leave your skin supple and moisturised.

But the benefits don't stop there! Explore how Harctic's Elixirs, infused with organic vegetable glycerine, can bolster your immune system, support digestion and elevate your overall well-being.

Crafting Organic Vegetable Glycerine Responsibly

At Harctic, we believe in sourcing ingredients responsibly, which is why our organic vegetable glycerine is carefully extracted from premium rapeseed. Through a meticulous process, the organic rapeseed oil is transformed into glycerine, preserving its natural properties and ensuring purity. We take pride in using organic vegetable glycerine to create our Elixirs, providing you with a clean and effective way to boost your energy and strengthen your immune system.

Harctic Superfoods Immunity Boost Elixir

Embrace the Power of Organic Vegetable Glycerine Today

Imagine experiencing the transformative benefits of organic vegetable glycerine in Harctic's Elixirs. From revitalising your skin to fortifying your immune system and supporting your overall health, our organic vegetable glycerine-infused Elixirs offer a holistic approach to well-being.

Embrace the power of this responsibly sourced ingredient and elevate your self-care routine with Harctic's Elixirs.

Discover the Natural Elixir Experience

Ready to unlock the potential of organic vegetable glycerine in Harctic's Elixirs? Explore our range of Elixirs, including the Energy Boost and Immunity Boost variants, and experience the natural synergy of organic ingredients. Dive into the world of responsible sourcing and enjoy the benefits of organic vegetable glycerine for enhanced vitality and radiant well-being.

Harctic Superfoods Energy Boost Elixir

Thanks to the remarkable properties of vegetable glycerine, Harctic's Elixirs ensure that all the active ingredients are safeguarded, even when mixed into hot beverages. Say goodbye to worries about losing the potency of your elixir when enjoying a warm drink!

Additionally, our elixirs can be conveniently stored at room temperature once opened, making them easily accessible whenever you need a revitalising boost.

Experience Sweetness without Compromise

It's worth noting that vegetable glycerine imparts a pleasantly sweet taste to the elixirs, without the inclusion of sugars. What's more, this natural sweetness doesn't affect blood glucose level or pose a threat to dental health.

Indulge in the delightful flavours and benefits of our Immunity Boost Elixir and Energy Boost Elixir, knowing that your well-being is always a priority!

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