Roseroot is magic

Roseroot is magic

Roseroot is a simply fantastic plant! It calms the over-excited body and mind. It gives the athlete that extra spring in their step. It boosts the mind and balances the exhausted, tired and sometimes depressed feeling. And to top it all off, it can also give a boost to the libido.

a hand reaching for roseroot plants growing in a field in lapland finland

What is roseroot used for?

There is evidence of roseroot use for more than 3,000 years. The Vikings got the strength for their conquests from the plant. And with the help of roseroot, they also recovered better. In the Far East, on the other hand, roseroot has been used for thousands of years as a libido enhancer. It is known as a miracle plant that awakens the desires of both men and women.

It has even gone to space! With roseroot's help, Soviet cosmonauts have been able to better adapt to demanding and stressful conditions. And when the home planet has called again, with the help of roseroot, space travelers have been able to more easily return to the conditions and life on planet Earth.

Of course, the magical powers of roseroot are also known in sports. According to Belgian researchers, consuming roseroot an hour before physical performance increases the body's ability to withstand long-term stress for a longer time. The cause of the effect is considered to be salidroside, which is one of the most important ingredients of roseroot. Salidroside facilitates the energy metabolism of nerve cells.

roseroot plants growing

What does taking roseroot do?

Roseroot is perfectly suitable to the hectic and stressful life of multitasking in the 2020's. Studies have found roseroot to increase the body's stress tolerance and concentration, and to give a boost effect. In addition, the plant is known to balance the body, and increase mental and physical endurance.

Is roseroot safe?

Roseroot plant is wonderful because, although it works phenomenally quickly and effectively, it is safe and does not cause any side effects. The plant refreshes the tired body and calms the brain stuck in overdrive.

The use of roseroot is not recommended for pregnant women or during breastfeeding due to lack of evidence for the safety and appropriateness of roseroot use. Same applies to patients suffering from hyperthyroidism or heart problems.

What are adaptogens?

The wonder and magical powers of roseroot are due to the fact that it is a so-called adaptogen. The plant's adaptogen effect means that the plant's substances enhance the body's mental and physical performance and defenses during an emergency, for example, stress or other severe physical or psychological stress. It is typical for adaptogens that they should only be used sparingly in order to maintain their effectiveness.

women cleaning roseroot roots with lake water

Roseroot helps to fight depression

Roseroot can also help those suffering from depression. According to Swedish studies, roseroot relieves mild and moderate depression as effectively as antidepressants. The studies used a Swedish roseroot preparation called SHR-5, which eased anxiety, imbalance, sleep difficulties and psychosomatic complaints.

Roseroot's additional advantage is that it has no side effects and its use does not interfere with the effects of other medicines.

Where does roseroot grow?

Roseroot grows wild on barren, wind-swept fells and cold rocky wetlands in arctic regions. It can be found in Siberia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Alaska.

Its leaves are rich antioxidant vitamin C and can be consumed fresh.

harctic superfoods energy boost elixir bottle in a finnish forest

Energy Boost Elixir

At Harctic, we use the strongest part of roseroot in our Energy Boost Elixir: its roots. The roots contain most of the plants active ingredients that act on the body.

The benefits of Energy Boost Elixir have been recently put forward by trade magazine Natexpo when exploring future health trends. They underlined how the product acts on stress, fatigue and sleep disorders.

The plants are grown with love at a small farm in Finnish Lapland. The roots are delicately washed four times by hand, using crystal clear lake water to save water.

The Energy Boost Elixir can be consumed as is. It can also be mixed in tea, smoothie, yogurt or porridge.

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