roseroot plants with yellow flowers growing in a field in lapland finland

Ethical Superfoods

Are you looking for superfoods which are actually good for you? Or even better, superfoods that will instantly boost your metabolism and energy levels?

roseroot plants with yellow flowers growing in a field in lapland finland

By now you must be aware that at Harctic we only use clean and environmentally friendly foods that are good for you and for the planet.

We're proud to present you our superfood elixirs that use some of the strongest herbs known; roseroot, angelica and nettle. It can be said that these natural products from Finnish Lapland are the world's most ethical superfoods. And the best part is that they are superfoods that have instant effects on your health.

Roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) can be described as the “smart herb”. Roseroot is a strong adaptogen with its roots containing active ingredients that act on the body. It's believed to act as an intelligence-strengthening herb.

Experts familiar with nutrient-rich foods have started urging environmentally and ecologically conscious consumers to take advantage of the superfoods found in nature. These nature’s own vitamins can replace many synthetic vitamin supplements. Studies show that even small amounts of nutritious rich foods reduce the need for supplements and vitamin supplements.

angelica archangelica plant growing near a mountain in lapland finland

Roseroot and angelica are herbaceous plants growing in Lapland. The anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties of the herbs are already widely known and it could even be said that for example roseroot is natural “mental doping”.

Thanks to its effects on stress, fatigue and even depression, roseroot is an intelligent herb that can improve learning and memory functions.

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