muesli cakes with coloured blueberry powder yogurt and fruits on a wooden plate

5 Easy Ways to Include Superfoods in Your Diet

Berry powders and dried berries are the perfect healthy boost to meals, smoothies, snacks and desserts.

muesli cakes with coloured blueberry powder yogurt and fruits on a wooden plate

A bag of berry powder or dried berries takes close to no space and needs no extra care so it's easy to take with you wherever you go.

Rich in fibre and nutrients, berries are an easy way to add vitamins and trace elements to meals of the day. They are ready to use and bring a good taste to everyday meals.

Here are some easy ways using berry powders and dried berries.

Using berry powders and powder mixes

Berry powders are great for daily use. Full of antioxidants and fibre, berry powder is an easy way to introduce your daily dose of vitamins and trace elements into your meals. Our berry powders are without any added sugar.

  1. Sweet and savoury
    Berry powders can be used in a variety of ways to make both sweet desserts (muffins, pies and cakes) and give a health boost to your recipes (bread, pasta and salad sauce, sprinkled on food).
  2. Colour and flavour everyday life
    The powders are ready to use and mix evenly. They can be mixed with cold and hot foods or used to decorate portions. The sugar-free powders add a berry kick and flavour to your yogurt or smoothie.

    a glass of blueberry smoothie on a table with dried fruits scattered  around the glass

Dried berries in daily life

Enjoy dried berries daily as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Dried berries at Harctic have been either air-dried at a low temperature or freeze-dried to preserve the taste, colour and nutrients of the berries as well as possible.

  1. Everyday energy
    With dried berries you turn a simple snack into a nutritious meal. Dried berries make your oatmeal topping or yogurt simply delicious. Simply add dried berries to your muesli and it will taste amazing.

    two plates of oatmeal on a table with berry powder and dried strawberries
  2. Superfood snacking
    Dried berries are a convenient and healthy snack that goes easily to work, excursions and hobbies. They are wonderful for backpacking trips.

    bags of dried strawberries and dried raspberries standing in the snow on a hill in front of a winter scenery and snowy mountains
  3. Baking and pastries
    Dried berries are beautiful and natural as decoration on top of cakes and smoothie bowls. They are also suitable as an ingredient in raw pastries such as raw cakes and bars.
    Add dried berries to your pastry or cookie dough and you will taste the difference!

    cranberry-pistachio cookies piled on a plate
Pictures from Harctic and customers of Harctic: @dorisklement, @traillov3rs & @jehanneboisard.
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